Coast Guard active duty members are bound by strict military grooming and weight standards. Realizing that the Auxiliary is made up entirely of volunteers, the active duty grooming and appearance standards are relaxed as they apply to Auxiliarists. As a matter of pride, all Auxiliary members should set the goal to strive to attain the same standards as active duty members. Auxiliarists who wear the Auxiliary uniform will be held to higher grooming and appearance standards. Auxiliarists are authorized to wear Coast Guard uniforms with the appropriate Auxiliary insignia. Uniforms shall be worn as prescribed in the actual Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6 (series), except as noted in Chapter 10 of the Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1 (series)). There are a few exceptions specifically for the Auxiliary (when it comes to full dress uniforms), but these are clearly spelled out for Auxiliarists.

For those who still wish to be visually associated with the Coast Guard Auxiliary, but may not be able to wear the uniform to the same sharp & professional standard as the active duty, there is the approved and available Auxiliary Blue Blazer outfit. The Auxiliary Blue Blazer outfit is recognized as optional apparel and is authorized for activities described in Chapter 10 of the Auxiliary Manual. This is also an option for members who may not want to (or be comfortable with) wearing a military-style uniform. Also, Auxiliarists who desire to wear their hair, jewelry, or maintain a general appearance different from that described in the Auxiliary Manual are specifically directed that they “shall wear the Auxiliary Blue Blazer outfit instead of the Auxiliary uniform”.

Trop and ODU GraphicThe following links will provide additional guidance and assistance in ordering and wearing your uniform.

A few key points to remember about uniforms:

  • The word uniform implies consistency and conformance to certain standards
  • We wear our uniform with pride
  • We represent the U.S. Coast Guard – The public does not often differentiate between the two
  • You are not required to wear the uniform, but if you choose to, it must be worn properly (uniformly)

New Member Uniform Checklist

The uniform worn will depend upon the type of service that interests you.  For example, the prescribed uniform for public events (e.g. boat shows), instructing (e.g. boater safety) and most meetings or events is the Tropical Blue uniform (trops).  If you’re interested in operations (e.g. boat crew), you’ll need the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU).

In many instances, either uniform may be prescribed.  And if you’re ever unsure of the Uniform of the Day, please simply ask.

Tropical Blue Checklist

  • Cover
    • Combination Cap
    • Garrison Cap
      • Garrison Cap Device (left)
      • Office Insignia (right)
  • Light Blue Short Sleeve Dress Shirt
    • Shoulder Boards
    • Uniform Name Tag
    • Ribbons/Devices (if applicable)
  • Service Dress Blue Trousers
    • Black Web Belt
    • Buckle
  • Dress Shoe Male – High Gloss

Flotilla 25-11 Member, Brian Shrift, drafted a PDF on how he ordered his Tropical Blue uniform.

Operation Dress Uniform Checklist

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