Gini taking the Auxiliary PledgeOn Saturday during our regular business meeting, Virginia (Gini) Shrift became our newest Flotilla member.  Pictured, she’s taking the Coast Guard Auxiliary Pledge for New Members, given by her husband and Flotilla Commander, Brian Shrift.

Auxiliarists promote safety, security, and assistance for the citizens of the United States in the harbors, seaports, coasts, canals, and rivers across the country. The Auxiliary is responsible for promoting and improving recreational boater safety. The Auxiliary supports active duty and reservists with search and rescue, Maritime Homeland Security, and mission support.


The pledge you are about to take is your commitment to support the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, an organization dedicated to the promotion of boating safety and providing assistance to the United States Coast Guard in the fulfillment of its civil functions. You accept this membership as a volunteer, but as a member you are charged with certain responsibilities and obligations. These include your willingness to support the Coast Guard Auxiliary and its purposes and to participate in its authorized programs to the best of your ability and to the extent that time and circumstances permit.

As an Auxiliarist, you enjoy certain honors and privileges, among them, wearing the Auxiliary uniform and flying the Auxiliary ensign. Wear the uniform neatly and correctly and fly the “Blue Ensign” proudly. Remember that your conduct reflects directly upon the image of both the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard.

The satisfaction that you derive from your Auxiliary membership will be in proportion to your level of participation in the organization’s activities. The success of the Coast Guard Auxiliary will depend upon the extent of your participation and upon the quality of the leaders that you, the member, select.


If you feel that you can be an active and productive member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, please raise your right hand and repeat after me:

I (state your name), solemnly and sincerely pledge myself, to support the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, and its purposes, and to abide by the governing policies, established by the Commandant, of the United States Coast Guard.

Gini with Flotilla Commander and Certificate