On Saturday, February 3rd, Flotilla 25-11 sponsored and hosted a Vietnam War Commemorative Lapel Pin Ceremony, honoring more than 85 Vietnam veterans and guests, in Fredericksburg, VA. Charles Hurley, Immediate Past Flotilla Commander, a Vietnam veteran, introduced and led this initiative within the Flotilla.

Lieutenant Emily Brockway, assigned to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington DC, represented the Department of Defense’s Vietnam War Commemoration Office. “We strive to help recognize our Vietnam veterans, their families, our former prisoners of war, the families of our missing in action, and the allies who served with the United States during the war,” said Brockway.

Lieutenant Brockway was joined by Commodore David Adams, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Fifth District, Southern Region, also a Vietnam veteran. Commodore Adams was the pilot on UH-1H “1-7-4”, featured in the award-winning documentary “Take Me Home Huey.”

All five military services were represented during this service. Together, both Lieutenant Brockway and Commodore Adams shook the hands of and pinned over 36 veterans in attendance, and provided a long-overdue “thank you” and welcome home.

For more information on the Vietnam War Commemoration, please visit www.vietnamwar50th.com. For additional photos from the event, in higher resolution, please visit Flotilla 25-11’s Facebook photo album.

Group photo of veterans