Last weekend, although the weather was a bit cold and foggy in the morning, it ended up being a great day on the water.  Come to think of it, how can you not have a great day when you’re on the water?

During our patrol, we were on the lookout for boaters who were trying to run their fuel tanks down for winter storage, who may have run just a bit too low and became stranded.  We left Aquia Creek and headed south on the Potomac, down to the 301 bridge, before returning north.  Along the way, we did pass several other power and sailing vessels, enjoying the day.

Here are some photos:

Picture of the fog, covering the waters

Foggy start to the day


Two auxiliary members keeping a lookout

Semper Paratus


Picture of a sailboat

Out for a sail


Picture of the 301 bridge, from the boat

301 Bridge