The Auxiliary Leadership and Management School (AUXLAMS) [AUX-02] is the Coast Guard Leadership and Management School (LAMS) course, adapted for the volunteer Auxiliary environment, and is taught by Coast Guard trained instructors. It is based on the Leadership Competencies, which lay the foundation for all leadership skills necessary for successful leadership in the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary. This is a facilitated and interactive course dealing with self-awareness, motivation, strategic leadership, team building, ethics, conflict management and performance problem solving. AUXLAMS is the foundation course of the Auxiliary Leadership Continuum.

Brian Shrift, Public Affairs Officer for the Flotilla, recently completed AUXLAMS.  “What was truly amazing about this course, were the instructors,” said Shrift. “Not only were they knowledgeable, captivating, and experts in their fields, but were able to provide valuable leadership skills and practical knowledge.  These skills and knowledge can not only be applied to enhance our Flotilla and the Auxiliary, but enhance our personal and professional lives, as well.”

Group photo of all LAMS students

AUXLAMS Class, October 2017

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